COVID19 has changed the way we travel and where we can travel to. Gathering information can be a bit of a minefield -especially when government regulations keep changing and sometimes at short notice.


Preparation is the key! Be prepared to:

1 – Possibly Self-Isolate when you return home regardless of whether or not the country you were visiting was exempt.

2 – Say goodbye to loved ones at the drop off point as only passengers are allowed in the terminal.

3 – Wear a face mask throughout the airport and on the plane.

4 – Use available hand sanitizers and sprays for cases.

5 – Follow instructions with regards to social distancing.

6 – Follow local guidelines as to when to wear a face mask – not all countries have the same policy and in some countries such as France have different policies depending on the local government regulations.

7 – Reconfirm and double check entry requirements of your destination.

8 – Make sure you have completed any online forms or paperwork before you travel.


Checking The COVID19 Quarantine Exemption List

The FCO web site has the current list of countries that are exempt from quarantine on return to the UK. In general, this list is updated on a Thursday ready for the weekend. Changes usually start from 4am on Saturday.


The important thing to remember is that although you are exempt from quarantine on return to the UK, it does not necessarily mean that you do not have to follow a rule when you arrive at your destination. Above all, the country on the list may not let you in at all. For example, Australia is shown as a safe country. However, at the time of writing, Australia borders remain closed to tourists. Therefore, the exempt list only applies to passengers arriving in to the UK..

How to Check COVID19 Entry Requirements

The best way to check entry requirements for any country is via the

The quickest way is:

1 – Type in the country you are traveling to in the search box in the top right hand corner of the screen on the home page.

2 – Click Search and it will take you immediately to the page for that country.

3 – Follow the link for entry requirements

All the information required is found here. Also, if there are online forms to fill in eg Greece you will find the links here as well.

Of course, you can also contact Gillian to assist.

Home Visiting

If you are happy for me to visit you in your home to discuss travel requirements, or even to book a holiday. Your safety and wellbeing are paramount.  I will wear a face mask and abide by Covid19 Rules and regulations. Telephone or e mail me to make an appointment.

Finally, I can confirm that I have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19. Taking the steps to being safer and working together. 

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